How to make pinned items have less text underneath them

How can I make it so that the items that I pin Globally have less text under them. They take up a lot of space on the page, and I want to leave some space open so people don’t have to scroll through the pinned Topics every time they want to get to the other topics. How do I shorten the amount of words here? I’m sure there’s a setting for it somewhere…

Filter for excerpt in the Admin. There are several settings you can adjust, including hiding the excerpt on mobile view.


Which setting do I use here to control that

Uncheck Show excerpt on pinned topics in mobile view.

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Right, but I still want to be shown… Like this

In that case your option is to reduce the post excerpt maxlength back to the default 300 characters or play with it to see what works for you.

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I set it to that and it changed nothing

Correction: adjust the topic excerpt maxlength instead of post. The default is 220.


That still didn’t change anything…

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Well, you’re right. I can’t get the expected behavior, either. The only change that makes any difference is the show pinned excerpt mobile setting.

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See How to make CSS changes on your site

topic excerpt maxlength should work on new topics, and I believe you’ll need a rebake for it to work on existing topics.

A rebake of all posts can be done via the command line:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rake posts:rebake

Thank you, I apologize. And just one last quick question, where would I put this command for it to work?

You need to be able to access the server where your site is hosted via ssh.

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OK, thanks. I’ll have to contact discourse hosting, who runs my website in order to do that. Thank you for your help