How to make the password mandatory on invites?

I have an invite-only community and I would like the password field to be mandatory (it’s currently optional). Is this possible?


There is no setting that can be used to make the password field manditory when a user accepts an invite. If a user doesn’t set a password when they accept an invite, they will be logged into the site and a ‘Set password’ email will be sent to them right away.

From my point of view, being forced to set a password when accepting an invite would be a more straightforward user experience.


I’d be happy with simply removing the word (optional) from the description. I assume most users know to fill it out.

I’ll use this to customize the CSS for now

.password-input .instructions {
    display: none;
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You can also try customizing the js.invites.optional_description text. Its default value is ‘(optional)’. It is not possible to set it to an empty string, but you could set it to something like ‘in length’. That would give you the text ‘at least 10 characters in length’.

Text can be customized from your site’s Admin / Customize / Text section.