Invites account creation screen shows password as "optional"

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Priority/Severity: 2

desktop: latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Edge, Chrome
mobile: latest versions of Firefox, DuckDuckGo Browser, Chrome


Invites account creation screen shows password as “optional”

Passwort *
Mindestens 10 Zeichen (optional)

Passwort *
Mindestens 10 Zeichen

The bug is just cosmetic. It doesn’t change anything at the account creation process. Passwords are of course necessary for account creation, and account creation is possible. But it is confusing for users to see the password as “optional”.

The bug only accurs when creating an account over invitation links.

Reproducible steps:

  • create invitation
  • open invitation link
  • erroneous “password: optional” shows everytime on all platforms / browsers, with every invitation link


complete account creation screen via invitation link

complete standard account creation screen (without bug)

Thanks for your help!


The red star next to the word password shows that the field is required. It’s the hint text that says it’s optional.

Might need to check the translation string

I see its the same for the English language


and I found it on the locales




i dont think the code is 100% correct here.

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Setting a password when initially accepting an invite is optional. If an invite is accepted without filling in the password field, the user will need to set a password after they log out and log back into the site.

I think that for almost all cases, setting a password when accepting an invite is more straightforward than setting the password at a later time. For that reason, I’m not sure that the password field should actually be optional. Possibly this is something that could be controlled by a site setting.

The current UI is confusing. The field is optional, but the star next to the password field name is used to mark required fields. If the field is to remain optional, the star should probably be removed from the password field on the accept-invite page.


I see, thanks for the clarification!

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This precise issue came up again recently. Thanks for @philipp2 for reporting it!

If you are invited by email to a Discourse site, you can accept the invitation by clicking the invite link. You are then allowed to set up your account without having to specify a password. Because your email address already known, you can always log in later with a link sent to your email, add a password, or use social login if it’s set up on the site. In this case everything works perfectly as it always has.

With recent changes to the invite system, we now allow the creation of invite links as well, which can then be copied and shared outside Discourse. This adds the need to require email addresses to be confirmed before invitees log in and get access to discussions. I’m not sure why, but in this case if you complete the form without setting a password, you get a different confirmation email that sends you to a link that requires you to set your password before logging in.

The solution here methinks is to have the invite acceptance form always operate just like the regular signup form, which as the OP shows in screenshots requires passwords. We could then remove the functionality that sends an alternate welcome email with password reset instructions and link.

You know that. I know that. But without deeper knowledge of Discourse an invited user doesn’t know that. Just and only because using email like SSO is quite rare solution. So, this is not a bug, this is UI/UX-issue and is in right category :wink:

A password will be required when redeeming an invite per:

It was not really a issue because the user was asked to set a password before logging in.


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