Required custom fields for signup are not required for invites

If you have a required (custom) field ‘at signup’, it is not required for a user that just accepts an invite. Maybe this is not a bug but actually a requested feature that an invited user has to fill out the same required fields as someone manually creating an account.

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You should disable invites if you are making those signup fields super mandatory.

If the signup fields are not super mandatory, this not yet existing plugin could solve the problem:

I just noticed that when invited users clicked on the invitation link, they are taken to a page where they can modify the suggested username and enter a password. That’s great (For some reason I thought that they would be logged in right away) because this page would be the perfect place to put the custom user fields.In other words: user fields would be rendered exactly the same way as they are on the sign-up page for users that sign up via the sign-up button.

Would this be feasible?

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I have one more question if someone could help I’d greatly appreciate it.

Is there a way to make a custom user field visible to new users who have been invited via the Discourse Invite system? Currently, when new users who sign up without an invite, our custom user field is mandatory (as we want it to be). However, when we send invites to people we know and want to personally invite, this field doesn’t exist in that invitation. I believe it’s some setting in the customized email templates, but just not sure what, or how to make this change.

Thanks again.

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We should fix this by adding custom fields to the invite accept page, but it probably will be a few months before we can get to this.


Okay, so there isn’t a way around it for now. We’ll just ask our users to complete this, if they don’t through the natural course of their sign-up and profile completion process.


This is now done via: