How to mark all topics read after Import from old forum?

How to mark all topics read after Import from old forum ?

I’ve imported everything, now because I posted on many of the topics in the original forum they are coming up as unread.
And I guess if I logged in as a user who had created topics then replies to these topics would come up in their unread list.

These are all old topics created in the in the old forum so I just want none of them to come up in users unread list, how do I do this (I can run sql against database if necessary)

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This is a bit tricky, I think instead of bodging the database just pin a topic explaining to users how to start from a clean slate.

There are “Dismiss” buttons on both new and unread tabs. Visit them, click the button and you should be able to clear the backlog.


Heh, I never noticed that button !

Okay that sorts it for me, not such a big deal for other users anyway, ok thanks.

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