Persistent unread post for certain topics

Hey Discourse,

For this particular topic:

Every time there is new content, I visit the thread, read it, and then am presented with this ‘old’ unread notification:

This unread topic persists no matter how many times I subsequently visit the topic. It also keeps my unread thread count at (1), which makes me sad.

Not sure that I can provide more detailed repro steps than ‘visit a certain topic with new content, read all new content, experience 1 persistent grey unread post’, but should be able to diagnose what’s going on from my TopicUser for that topic here on meta.

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This is due to the usage of Whispers, there are multiple topics about it already.


Here are some of the topic covering this:

There’s a workaround:

You can also dismiss the topic from your Unread tab.


This is now fixed in latest courtesy of @sam