How to modify email settings

(Mike Maddox) #1

First thanks for building the only forum worth using, from a user’s perspective, anyway! Great work, beautifully designed, and I much appreciate it.

So my question is I signed up for Sparkpost and want to modify my email settings to use it rather than my personal SMTP/email provider (which isn’t working, and after reading docs on github, it looks like I can solve the issue by switching to Sparkpost). Sparkpost is all set up with domains verified, DNS records set, etc.

BUT…it doesn’t look like I can alter my forum’s email settings via GUI and must do it via command line (a big ouch)!

So, I don’t know anything about Linux command line. What do I type in to even allow me reach these settings in my digital ocean box once I’m connected as root?

Any chance everything will be GUI at some point for Discourse? It’ll be required for it to reach wider adoption…

(Matt Palmer) #2

The settings can’t be modified in the web interface, and given that they’re pretty much fire-and-forget settings, it’s unlikely they’ll be brought into the web interface any time soon.

To make the change, do the following once you’re in your droplet as root:

  1. Run cd /var/discourse
  2. Run nano containers/app.yml
  3. Edit SMTP-related settings as needed
  4. Exit out of the editor with Ctrl-X (and select ‘Y’ to save changes)
  5. Run ./launcher rebuild app
  6. Wait a few minutes for the rebuild to complete
  7. PROFIT!

(Mike Maddox) #3

:+1::grinning: thanks a ton from us Linux-ignorant types!

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

You can replace steps 2-5 with


It will now (as of a couple weeks ago) let you change the settings and avoid nano. (You actually have to

./launcher stop app

But it’ll tell you that.