PayPal «Buy Now» plugin: monetize your Discourse forum (version 2.0, 2015-06-17)

The plugin gives you the possibility to sell products and services on your Discourse forum.

A live example and documentation:

Version history:

See also my other plugins:

The full plugin list is always here:

Some screenshots:


Can you show some examples of this actually implemented? Not sure exactly how this would work in a real instance. Are you suggesting that we would hack our CSS to include static links to things to purchase - or something like that?

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Where’s the GitHub repo link?

I’d like to see the code and try installing it.

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Its a paid plugin! 20chars.

Drop your price 10 fold, get infinitely more customers.

Not sure anyone will pay $49 for that.

2 Likes is a very real Discourse instance
No custom CSS needed.

  1. A forum owner designes a button (virtually a form, if there are options) using PayPal Button Manager
  2. PayPal Button Manager generates a HTML code.
  3. The forum owner adds the generated code to the plugin through his forum’s Discourse admin panel.
  4. The forum owner creates a post with a product/service description in plain English (possibly with pictures)
    He adds the payment button (in fact a form, if there are options) to the post just by short code [paypal-1] (or [paypal-2], [paypal-3], etc ).
    The number after paypal- prefix identificates the button/form previously added to the admin panel.
    The plugin can host unlimited number of different buttons (for different products/services or, for example, «Donate» buttons).
  5. After the post has been published, the payment button/form is working.
  6. A forum visitor (customer) reads the post and clicks the «Buy Now» button.
  7. The forum redirects the customer to the PayPal payment page (on the PayPal website).
  8. After the customer has successfully payed for your product/service, he is redirected back to your forum, and and you will get a email notification about payment.

Something like this could also be useful for fundraising for a forum. Is there anyway it could be modified to display a fundraising goal and a progress bar?

The plugin paid but 100% open source so anybody who buy it can modify it in his own way for usage on the licensed site.

I understand what you mean, but that’s not actually what open source means. :wink:


To comply with the GPL you must release the source of the plugin to all people who buy your plugin under the GPL license.


Yea could it be modified to be a donation button/form instead of a purchasing functionality?

You can still click on purchase even if there was no URL entered. Probably not good.

The customers of my PayPal «Buy Now» plugin may be interested in my new plugin «Restrict Files». It allows to sell a digital content on a Discourse forum.

Due to a huge success of my very first Discourse plugin and having some feedback from the customers I have spent some time on improvements… and now version 2.0 is out!

Admin interface has been improved:

BBCodes are now EDITABLE:

…so you can name your buttons / payment forms as you like:

…and you don’t mess them even if you have a lot of products on your Discourse forum:

Discourse market is still in orders of magnitude smaller than the top extension platforms like Magento (my primary platform) or WordPress, so to make Discourse plugin development profitable now (not the next decade) the price is forced to be high.
Now the PayPal «Buy Now» and my other Discourse plugins can be optionally achieved as a single membership package:

Your Paid Membership plugin doesn’t offer a single-buy option. Sure you may be plugging your single membership package, but those prices are insane for how few plugins you offer.

Then when you factor in the using the real name feature of this site for ‘Discourse Plugins’ and the last 30+ posts all trying to sell your modules… even outside of the market place… I mean wow.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m trolling, because I’m not. I really think you should consider either doing individual pricing on all of the plugins, and lowering the packaged plans. As is, it really seems like you’re trying trying to turn a profit even at the detriment of the community. I’m not saying everything should be given for free, because you are most certainly entitled to earn payment for your work. At these prices though, and the intense plugging of your modules, it’s hard to see anything really positive.


Version 2.1 is out!
Now you can require customers to fill all the payment form fields before submitting the form.
There is «Require the options to be specifieds» option in plugins settings.
Enable it if you are really need all the data from a buyer.
Disable it if your payment form fields are optional (comments, for example).

Looks a very nice plugin but personally the price would stop me, and I guess many more, from considering it for my site.

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