How to move from 2.6 beta to 2.5 release

How to move from the beta release to the full 2.5 release?

You can’t. If you want to switch to the stable branch, you’ll need to wait 6-8 months.

Why do you think that you want to move back to the 2.5 release?


As to reverting, a good question. I have been wanting a static page publishing function for a long time, and the 2.5 release notes mention it. Although I can set the Settings preference for it, the Admin tool does not show the function/. What am I missing? That’s why I thought reversion may provide the feature. And yes, I know it is only available to Staff members.

After you enable it in the settings you click the wrench under a topic to make that post have a URL. If you search for the topic about it there are pictures.


Actually, since there have not been any database updates in the past week, you can still go back to stable. This is quite a rare situation. You can change version: to stable in app.yml and rebuild.

But, as Jay says, the functionality you’re looking for is there in 2.6.0.beta as well.


Thank you all. So now I found out what I am missing. The static page publishing feature only applies to the first post in a topic. This explains why I saw nothing in the spanner menu - I was looking at posts later on. I suppose this may be obvious with hindsight, but it may be worth a mention in the documentation to help out other dummies like me in the future.

Next question arising - how can you style the page? I don’t want my avatar there.