Secure way to configure upgrading to only stable version of forum releases?

We have been using discourse in the default tests-passed releases for long time.

I would like to configure the forum to use only stable releases, and have only a few upgrades in the year.

I have read how to configure stable branch app.yml to using version: stable.

But my concern is whether I can do that safely at any moment, change it and rebulid the forum.
Right now we are in the current Beta5 release, and I am afraid that it could have made some breakng changes in database or other parts from the last stable release.

Can I do it at any moment, or I have to wait for next stable release?

Right now I cannot dedicate to the forum so much time as I used to, so I would prefer to have only a few upgrades along the year.

Thank you for your guidance.


You have to wait until the next stable release (probably next week).


Thanks a lot, I will wait until a stable release is announced.

So the correct way should be not making any more upgrade, wait until a stable release is announced and once it is announced, change app.yml to version: stable and rebuild the forum.

Is it correct?

Thank you

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@ariznaf @RGJ can you please help me understand how to deploy only stable versions or specific git tags? (es: 3.1.4)

I’m in the same boat as the OP. Sorry for the dumb question, but which is the stable release version? 3.2.0 is a “Stable” release right?

But at the same time there was also a 3.1.5 Stable release:

There’s “tests-passed” (the 3.2.0 release) and the “stable” branches. While both are “stable”, the stable branch is:

The note about both being “stable”:

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Hi there, thanks for the reply. Yes, I understand the nuances about “stable = not changing” vs. “stable = not crashing”. But I’m confused because I’m on tests-passed and it already has me on 3.3.0.beta1-dev. I was assuming that 3.2.0 was the latest stable release because it doesn’t have -dev or -beta in the name. Now it looks like I have to wait for the entire 3.3.0 development lifecycle and for stable to also reach version 3.3.0 before I can move to stable?

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3.2.0 is indeed the latest stable release. :+1: If you didn’t manage to change lanes this time round then you would need to wait for 3.3.0 to be tied off (should be around late July) before trying again.

Though even on tests-passed you could stick to updating when the minor versions come out, which may help?


I cannot, as I haven’t ever done it, so I cannot say the correct way.

What I have understood is that you have to stop upgrading your system from the non stable releases and wait of a stable release that is ahead from your currente release.

Then edit app.yml file and edit it to use stable release instead of tests-passed.

Then perform a complete upgrade.

If I understand it well, there is not 3.2.0 stable release yet.

What was announced is a 3.2.0-beta5, so may be there would be one in the near future.

What I have installed right now is a 3.2.0-beta5-dev (67244a2318)

Where can be seen the current releases published under stable branch?

EDIT: I have to rectify, it seems 3.2.0 is already published and is the same version than 3.2.0-beta5

I have updated to 3.2.0 stable from 3.2.0-beta5-dev (test-passed) and no problem at all.

Just stopped the forum, edit app.yml and uncommented the line #version: test-passed and changed it to version: stable.

Then run the following commands:

git pull
launcher rebuild app

wait to the rebuild process to end and all is ok, now it is running 3.2.0 stable version.

Thanks to all for the received help


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