Moving whisper posts to a new topic creates a broken topic

Hey, I just created an empty topic without anything (no posts visible to normal users). Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Whisper something.
  2. Select the whispered posts (exclusively those) and move them to a new topic
  3. End up with an empty topic without title, post nor anything else:

Here is a screenshot from a private Firefox window:

I’m sorry if someone has reported this before, a quick search did not lead me to anything.

PS.: The problem is that I can’t unwhisper the posts in that topic, even if I’m logged in as moderator.

Edit: Oh and this happened too (post count at -1):

I think I broke Discourse… :joy:


Reproducible and confirmed bug.

Good catch @Stefan_Fairphone, I think no one has ever tried to create a topic with just whispers.


I don’t think we even support a whisper OP. so we should just ban people from moving whisper to new topic. Only allow people to move to existing.


It’s now fixed :hamburger:


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