How to pin a post within a topic?

One of the many caveats :slight_smile:


Yes, I guess I should refer to the functionality I want as “insert or reframe the time slider.” Other community platforms I used have this functionality marked as ‘best answer’ or ‘pinned’ under the thread itself.
I would appreciate seeing your screenshots to get a better idea about the workaround you suggest.
Thank you!

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@cathyjliu here you go :slight_smile:

i made quite a few screenshots to help guide you and i broke it down into a 2-step process

step 1: Moving the first post to a new topic and inserting your own post below

click the topic wrench at top right of the topic you want move (this is the top post introduction you are going put yours underneatth). then “select posts”

select just the top post (the one you want to insert your post under) and then select the red “move to” button:

you will get this pop up screen. make sure “New Topic” is selected at the top and then enter a new topic title in the New Topic Title box (you can always go back and rename it later when this is all done). select the category you want to move it to, which will probably be the same one. then click the red “Move to New Topic” Button at the bottom:

you will now go to a new topic with just that post:

now you can insert your own post by simply posting a reply to that original post. i also colored my reply in this example with staff color so you could see it better after we finish.

Step 2: Moving the reply posts from the original topic to the new one

now once you have posted your own introduction post - remember the name of this new topic, and now go back to the old topic (it should still be in the category topic list. click the admin wrench at the top right corner again then “select posts”.

this time click the “select+below” button that is on the next post (reply) to the original one you moved. this will select all the replies. then click the “move to” button:

you will get the move pop up screen again. but this time select “Existing Topic” at the top, and then the title of the new topic in the Search field and you will get the new topic in the list to select to move to. make sure the “preserve chronological order after merging” is NOT checked! (:warning: important). click the “Move to Existing Topic” button at the botton.

you will now be taken to the new topic you created with your introduction post inserted under the original one and the rest of the replies under it:

now you can go find the old topic and delete it and also rename the new one if you wish. you have completed a very messy move method of post insertion.

i hope his helps. let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I appreciate you shared this workaround.


anytime. i’m glad it helped a bit. good luck with your forum :slight_smile:

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