How to prevent private messages from being sent to all members at once

Is there a way to prevent someone from starting a private message and sending it to everyone in the group? Someone did that accidentally recently.

We have a category for sending/posting a topic to everyone and I want [PM] in the subject line to mean it is a private message and not a message to the entire group.

I did search and couldn’t find an answer.

Thank you

There is a group setting that determines who can message the entire group.

Thank you for answering. By message, do you mean a private message or topic post? I am refering to a private message. I see a setting in the category under security that allows me to select who can create a post or reply to it but I don’t see a setting to prevent a private message from being sent to all members of the group at once. Could you direct me to that?


Under the group interaction settings is who can message the entire group.

If you want to be able to message the entire group but to have those messages sent out not all at once, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

I see it. Thank you for the specific direction. That’s perfect and will solve that problem for us! Thanks for the help today!

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