How to properly add CA to Discourse SSL forum?

Hello guys,

I’m setting up the SSL on Discourse, I’ve SSL but cannot find the way to add the CA cert into the forum, I’ve read the SSL guide but still is a little confusing, if someone could help me, I’ll greatly appretiate it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The thing is, I’m getting this error on Firefox, but works fine on Google Chrome (pretty weird)

error sec_error_unknown_issuer

Will keep looking at it, you can see it yourself at

Edit: It seems like I had a mess, had the ssl.crt with the main cert and TWO chain cert (CA Authority), after updating the file the server didn’t repaired, tried rebooting the server and it worked perfectly. In the main SSL tutorial there seems to be a problem, because it say to add two chain certs to the ssl.crt file, why is that?

Setting up SSL is tricky. Try this guide:


That is a very complete guide, I hope it helps some guy struggling like I did, thanks orangepeel :smiley:

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