WP Discourse Curl error persists after cacert.pem reference

I have a wordpress site https://wordpress.example.com that i am trying to get comments working with my discourse https://discourse.example.com. both are one click installs from digital ocean and have ssl when i first got the “curl error 60: ssl certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate” I updated php.ini to reference a newly downloaded cacert.pem however this has not resolved the issue for me
any help would be greatly appreciated.


array(8) { ["default_cert_file"]=> string(21) "/usr/lib/ssl/cert.pem" ["default_cert_file_env"]=> string(13) "SSL_CERT_FILE" ["default_cert_dir"]=> string(18) "/usr/lib/ssl/certs" ["default_cert_dir_env"]=> string(12) "SSL_CERT_DIR" ["default_private_dir"]=> string(20) "/usr/lib/ssl/private" ["default_default_cert_area"]=> string(12) "/usr/lib/ssl" ["ini_cafile"]=> string(0) "" ["ini_capath"]=> string(31) "/etc/php/7.0/apache2/cacert.pem" }

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It doesn’t sound like a Discourse problem since there is no php with discourse.

How did you enable https on either site?

If you include your site url people could check.

The url’s are https://tutorials.datasciencedojo.com and https://discuss.datasciencedojo.com
I am honestly not sure how ssl was setup i confirmed with a PM it was not setup with letsencrpyt was told it is using a wildcard

It looks like a WordPress/Apache problem. I’d google for the error you mentioned above.


I have just migrated servers and have hit this problem @scott_moree did you fix this please ? and if so how ?