How to properly increase text size

Just the other day I was feeling rather old. So things were looking rather small.

Okay, so what does Grandpa do when the words look too small. Grandpa unpinches the words. So what happens?

The words get bigger, yes it’s true. But then they go off the edge of the screen.

So grandpa says to himself, “Why doesn’t it work like on some websites on desktop when the words kind of rearrange themselves when you zoom in, you know with Control Plus and everything?”

But then his grand nephew tells him

Everybody knows that you are supposed to go into your Chrome settings and adjust your zoom ratio. Sure you might say, “Isn’t that a bother?” Well tough luck Grandpa. I shouldn’t have given you a cell phone for Christmas.


Once again, could you please give your ux suggestions more descriptive titles that better encapsulate what you’re proposing: :pray:


Zoom and text size are two different things. The latter is the equivalent of ctrl-+.

It’s a function of the browser. Mobile Safari does it like this:

And Chrome for iOS like this:


I might be wrong here, but I don’t think 90% of sites actually respond to pinch zooming, and that’s assuming the browser even tells the site!


I’m sorry about my bad titles. I might be real good at creating the content but the titles might need somebody to come along afterwards and fix them up. Because I don’t even know the names of what I’m talking about usually.


Well it’s great you aren’t afraid to ask questions. I’m sure there may be other users who will find the info helpful. :slight_smile:


In addition / Alternatively you can choose different text sizes in your preferences.


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