How to re-position an option from Hamburger menu

Greetings of the day, experts!
I have just designed a discourse website as a part of my ideation research. There’s just one problem. Here’s how the menu looks:


I don’t want the FAQ to be at the top, I want it like my another website:

I might have messed up with something. Can someone please guide me?
Thank You in advance and have a nice day!

Since the hamburger menu has mostly gone away in favor of the sidebar, you migth want to rethink your question.

If you search “hamburger theme” you get a bunch of things (like Custom Hamburger Menu Links) that should give you some ideas.

Sharing your code that does almost what you want would give someone a way to help know what might be wrong.


Hello, The FAQ is visible on top until you click and read it then it goes to the menu bottom section.


Thank You so much, Sir. I deeply appreciate your help and time. I thought I messed something up, but it is a way to encourage everyone to read the FAQs first.

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Sir, I know that a lot of members prefer a sidebar, hence the name “legacy” for the traditional ones. I personally prefer it. I do like the sidebar as well, but I love the legacy one a little more.
For the problem, a gentleman from the community of experts have actually solved the issue.
Thank You so much for your feedback and time.

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Do you want to reveal that solution in the topic where you asked it? For a community if someone else is looking for some answer.

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Yes Sir, because that was a ridiculous question. I thought I have messed up with something, but it was a deliberate move, so that everyone reads the FAQs.
Additionally, very few members will be interested in this question. Sidebar is way more popular than the legacy one.
Thank You for your time, and have a great day, Sir!

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