Is it possible to remove the FAQ?

Until users read the FAQ, it will appear in their hamburger menu. Can I disable this behavior and become FAQ-less?

Even after reading FAQ, it appears in the hamburger menu. It’s just that it shifts in the last column.

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Even worse :sweat_smile:, is there a way to totally remove the FAQ so it never appears (whether unread or not). I can’t see a way to delete it.

Deleting built-in stuff like these pages isn’t supported AFAIK.

Rather than try to delete it, which could have unpleasant side effects, I would suggest trying to use CSS to hide the option. It’s non-destructive and if you need the FAQs in the future you just roll back the CSS tweak.


You can do it in CSS by hiding the second li with a CSS selector.

Sadly our HTML structure there is wanting for a bit of an improvement cause the li should have the faq-link class not the a.

That said :nth-child(2) is your friend here.


Thanks ya’ll :slight_smile:, this was very helpful. I ended up adding the following CSS:

.hamburger-panel .widget-link[href="/faq"] {
    display: none;

This’ll work whether the FAQ link is at the top of the menu (because its unread) or near the bottom.