How to remove someone from a Message?

I know it’s possible to add people to a Message topic, but how does one remove a user?


nope, not possible, we may add it at some point. but keep in mind.

you can not reach with an invisible hand into a user’s gmail and retrieve all the messages you already sent them.

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I thought admins could do this? Maybe only for people who never posted in the private / personal message?

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I think we planned to but never got around to adding it. Totally legit if you add someone by mistake and want to remove the straight away.


If they haven’t posted in the topic it is 100% legit to remove them, though it should be a privileged action.

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It a bit tricky cause they may have already got an invite to the message and thus seen it.

I don’t think anyone would expect a time machine here.

But it would be nice to remove them from the thread from there on out.


I think you’d need to track person removed / added events as posts in the stream sort of like topic closed / open.

This was also requested on community.imgur…


Hi there!

Any good news about this topic?

Users cannot remove other users, this has not been implemented at this time. Admins can remove a user from a PM.


Hey @jomaxro, thanks for replying. Can i remove an user from a group trough Discourse API?

Sure! Everything you can do through the UI can be done through the API, the UI is using the API :slight_smile:
Just remove a user from a group while watching the networks requests in your Browser’s Dev tools to see how this API call works. The following How-To has details:

If you have any trouble following this, just let us know :slight_smile: