How to remove the number of months in the category section

I am an employee of Jupiter’s community page ( How do I remove the number per months next to my category. Circled it for easy understanding

You can use your browser inspector to find the right CSS class to target, then using CSS within a #theme-component, hide the column. Something similar was done here Hide Users column, but not for the same column though.

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Sorry, I don’t fully understand, could you make it easier? I checked the link you sent and that has a built theme component to remove the users, not one for the months

What I suggested would require some understanding of HTML and CSS, with this understanding, you’d use your browser’s inspector to check for the CSS class and make edits to fit what you’d want. You can then add these edits to your site using a theme-component.

The link I shared shows a theme-component that was created for an almost similar purpose so you could look through it and get an idea of how to create one for your site.

Let me also share some resources to help you better understand how to edit and customise the Discourse UI.

Here are some resources.

You could create a theme component with the following CSS in it, and include that component in your site’s theme.

/* Removes the x per week on /categories page */
th.topics, td.topics {
    display: none;