How to remove the "topics _per week_" count?

(Anton) #1

I have an active but low traffic forum. How can I remove the “topics per week” counter? Seeing “1 topic per week” or so in a category makes the forum look a bit deserted.

Ideally I would just have a “Topics” counter without any time limitation, just the plain number of topics per category. Is there a switch for this?

To clarify: I am talking about the counter on the category page, which I use as default homepage (this page: Categories - Discourse Meta )


(Jeff Atwood) #2

The category page should be using an absolute count for categories with low velocity, already.

Yes, verified on one of my own instances:

Even here on meta there is a mixture, see categories here and look at plugins for example. Working as designed.

(Anton) #3

Thanks for the reply. That sounds good, it would be exactly what we need. Alas, it does not work for me. Here is a link to the forum:

Any idea on what could be the issue? (The forum is currently hosted on discoursehosting, and not customized in any way by us).