How to remove the "topics _per week_" count?

I have an active but low traffic forum. How can I remove the “topics per week” counter? Seeing “1 topic per week” or so in a category makes the forum look a bit deserted.

Ideally I would just have a “Topics” counter without any time limitation, just the plain number of topics per category. Is there a switch for this?

To clarify: I am talking about the counter on the category page, which I use as default homepage (this page: Categories - Discourse Meta )


The category page should be using an absolute count for categories with low velocity, already.

Yes, verified on one of my own instances:

Even here on meta there is a mixture, see categories here and look at plugins for example. Working as designed.

Thanks for the reply. That sounds good, it would be exactly what we need. Alas, it does not work for me. Here is a link to the forum:

Any idea on what could be the issue? (The forum is currently hosted on Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting), and not customized in any way by us).

I’m not sure what the purpose of automatically bumping after 2 years is but sometimes it’s interesting enough. Here’s what I did:

th.topics, td.topics {
    display: none;

Ok, so I am new to the discourse world and I have not so much clue about CSS. So could you maybe explain a bit where did you put this in or what one have to do to switch from the topic per week to the amount of posts.

Thanks in advance.

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Just create a “theme component”. I think these are the instructions: Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


Well, that was quite easy. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

So now I have no numbers at all. Can I put something which bring just the total amount of the topics in the categorie? If so, could you help out which what one have to put in?

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