How to replace the discourse `Topic` with `Question` instead?


We are trying to replace the default Topic term with Question.

In the admin settings, I see we can customize any of the text on the forum, but there are too many item contains the term topic. Is there a way to batch find and replace?

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That’s why it’s probably not a good idea.

You can look at discourse/client.en.yml at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub to see all of them, so you could then fix them in the ux but the name of the thing you want to customize. You might do it in a plugin if you’re self hosted, or maybe contrive to do it with the API. But maybe your users won’t be confused by the word topic and you can avoid doing that.


yes, we are self-hosted. How do you suggest we write in the plugin? Should I just overwrite the locale?

I’m not sure if you can just include the things you want to override on the plugin’s locale it if you’d need to explicitly overwrite them.

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Why would you want to do this? Like Jay says it is really not recommended.


Makes sense for a Q&A based forum …?

It might, but I think that there are hundreds of sites that are primarily question/answer that haven’t done that. And you’re not going to have any topics anywhere that aren’t questions? There are 652 occurrences of topic in the locale, but close to half are likely in the names of the strings.

And what are you doing to do about “Private Topics”. And then how are you going to explain the path of questions being /t/-/123?

But I quickly added a locale to a plugin and it did override core in a quick test on my development system, so technically, it’s pretty simple.


Always a good start … :wink:

Hundreds of Q&A forums will love you.

2 days in the ‘sin bin’ for asking Admin awkward questions or I could link to this topic/question.
I was hoping “question” translated to a word beginning with ‘T’ in one world language … but no …

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Well, if even one of them wants to love me with money I’ll create the plugin. :slight_smile:

Too bad there isn’t a question word that starts with t. :crying_cat_face:

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That’s easy one. There is no need to explain, because mostly nobody sees or cares what is URL. I don’t see URL of this topic :wink:

All others, especially the money, are much harder ones :rofl:

(Actually no one cares if it is topic instead question)

Jay’s covered some good reasons not to do this. I have a similar use case, but you’d be surprised how many Topics exist. Plus, if you make an FAQ, that Topic would now be a Question. If you made a Beginners Guide, that would also be a question.

Consider also the language: “Topic” inherently includes the type “Question”.

Topic: a matter dealt with in a text, discourse, or conversation; a subject.
Question: a matter requiring resolution or discussion.

As an achievable alternative, which aligns with language and nudges users towards your Q&A style, it’s possible to replace “Replies” with “Answers” without much pain.


How to

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Sure, with that one theme. When there is some other to choose… then one must go to admin section.

This is not too helpful but for me that is really easy job — in finnish ”Replies” and ”Answers” are same word, so perhaps you all should start to use finnish :wink:

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I think this is the best idea yet!

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Could you create a “Questions” category and install this plugin to use for those topics?


Thanks, I found this topic helpful. Installed discourse-question-answer

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Can I use both Question Answer Plugin and the official disourse sovled plugin together?

I think that might be confusing to your users.


Thanks for the clarification. I thought it would be helpful that the site users can vote for answers they think it’s the best but the question owner can ultimately select the one they end up using.

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