How to "reply as topic"?

I keep seeing references to the ability to reply to a topic by creating another topic, but I can’t find the UI that would actually let me do that. It looks like it was a menu option when clicking on the dots at some point, but now that it brings up a bunch of icons, I don’t see reply as topic there - only things like “like”, “flag”, and “delete”.


Click on the timestamp or the share (chain link) icon on a post, then look for the New Topic button.


One the editor is open, you can also select reply as new topic from the reply selector arrow at upper left:


It’s really tucked away and users rarely find it / use it.

I created these instructions and periodically bump them on my forum:


Yep, we also ended up making a pinned topic in “Site Feedback” on this.

I also have the same queation. thx.

Just had to google this, as I wanted to create a separate topic, and couldn’t figure out how to do it just from UX. Perhaps it makes sense to add some UI affordance to show that this is possible? Ie, the Reply button could look like <- Reply | ... or something.

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