Display reply-as-new-topic as reply under original post

Continuing the discussion from Tracking after "reply as new topic":

This is great, but I even though this may seem a bit pedantic, I would also think that the “reply as new topic” should also be displayed as a reply in under the original post so that readers of that post can follow that path. Currently, they will only know about the reply if the post is being quoted. Or am I missing something?

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It is up to the author to retain the (pre-filled) quote or link between topics when composing the new topic, yes.

I’m with you.

Personally I’d like Discourse to display a prominent “User X has replied as a new topic Y” message on the old thread, akin to the eye-catching messages that get inserted when a mod splits posts into a new topic.

I want to encourage users to use the “reply as new linked topic” feature as it keeps topics on-topic, but will they bother if they don’t see links displayed in both directions?