How to reset or recreate direct-delivery's mail-receiver container?

Having trouble with the settings of my mail-receiver container not taking effect in various ways. I’d like to just reset or recreate it. How can this be done in the context of Discourse’s method of direct-delivery of incoming mail?

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Just edit the yml file and ./launcher rebuild mail-receiver


@pfaffman that is the crazy, crazy, crazy thing: that doesn’t work for me. I’ve done this several times now and both ./launcher logs mail-receiver and some of the actual configs within the container itself (./launcher enter mail-receiver) don’t change!

I’m about to lose my mind over it, and thus why I’m looking for another option at this point to nuke it and start again to see if that helps…

UPDATE: so I found that after the git sources were updated that this is working now! I don’t know what may have happened, but I’m so happy to now have ./launcher rebuild mail-receiver work!

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