How to reset the new user tips for everyone?

Would love to learn, how to enable this for all users via command line.
Most of them will love it.


Not 100% sure, but using this:

You could update skip_new_user_tips to false, and set seen_popups to {} (unless you want people to continue from the step they stopped at).

I’m not stating a solution, just some clues awaiting confirmation :slight_smile:
And, as usual, and in any case, it’s always highly recommended to try on a test server and do a backup first.

./launcher enter app
rails c
UserOption.update_all(seen_popups: [], skip_new_user_tips: false)
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Can you share some details on why you’d like to show user tips again to all users? Why would they love seeing them again once they’ve seen them already?

Maybe what you want is the default other skip new user tips admin setting, which will let you make sure that all users have seen the user tips. You can deselect it and upon submission it will prompt you to decide if you want to change the setting for all existing users or just for new users going forward.


Do I understand correctly: Switching this setting two times (with effect on all users) will enable the tips for all users, which switched them off?

I had the impression that they were not translated to German at the time I switched them on. But as you ask, I’m not sure, if these tips are enough to enable my community to use features of discourse beside simple browsing. You don’t have an option between “I got it!”, “tell me later” and “Hää?”.
The last one should show you some teaching resource (in your language :innocent:).

In general, I find it very difficult to increase the perception of empowerment through tools among people who have not yet overcome the first hurdles of digital self-organisation.

I’m dreaming about ways to show the same or similar invitations more often until a usage of that part of the UI has been detected (tie tips to badges?).