Is there a SQL query to show how many people have used the new user tips?

Do we have any SQL-query or something to find out how many have used new user tips?

Because if most of new users don’t use it we don’t know if it works, or if it useful as it is.

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Do you have user tips enabled on your site? For the moment it’s experimental and off by default. If you enable it, every new user to your site will see it, unless they select “don’t show me these tips”. Existing users can opt to display them via their user prefs. See the OP for details.

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Yes it is in use. And because users can disable it I’m curious now are they using it or not.

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Can you ask a few new users? I am curious too. :slight_smile:

Did you notice any change in the ability of new users to learn discourse features, without having to ask questions?

I know the above can be hard to get at which is why I am asking.

One thing your question makes me wonder is if a data explorer query could tell us how many users have proactively disabled it using “don’t show me these tips”.

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No, nothing. But otherhand… fast quoting is almost the only thing that normal ordinary and generic users should know. And searching. And tags. But those are things I’m teaching them to use.

I can ask. But… when most of users don’t use the sidebar, because they don’t feel it needed or giving anything useful (that is even expected with mobiles), I would guess quite/too many will bypass user tips too.

And that tells (my) users are using forum similar way than Facebook or any other social media: reading using scrolling and if they are noticed.

But… I don’t know if my audience is giving very globally balanced picture how people are using Discourse. I’m claiming that most of finns think badges are just annoying noise and gamification is for childish ones :wink: And sure — that is in conflict against otherwise very social media type acting.

All of this has something to do with new user tips. I think it is wonderful way to show potential and options of Discourse, but if an user has a feeling it is just another gimmick that will be dropped off right away. And it is acting a bit like mailing list popups: it stops users when they are actively starting to do something, and then the reaction is clear - f** off and stop disturbing me.

How to fix that? I don’t know. And if I came to something I’ll patent it first :wink: But perhaps somekind of timer — if a topic is not open AND on screen isn’t happening something in like 5 secs time, then there could popup a suggestion try something like quotation, using hamburger, user’s settings etc.

And yet I would know if there is some inbuild tool to follow users behaving, like usind data explorer to find out what settings they are using.

I’ll ask. But I know already only active ones with higher TL will answer to that. Not those who would need some guidance,

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