How to restore avatars

Is there a way to redownload the avatars provided by initial account creation?

For example, those that come from yahoo, gmail, etc?

All user have uploaded_avatar_id: nil

how can we get the avatar pictures back?

Do you have any idea how this happened? Did users lose their avatars after you updated Discourse?

Thanks for following up…

I got this figured out, the problem was compound and partially self-inflicted :rofl:

The first problem was that I had recently transitioned to a subdirectory deployment and had not remapped all the necessary paths.

I had also rewritten uploaded_avatar_id to nil for each user in hope that would cause discourse to re-download the profile images. Obviously I was mistaken about that and ended up restoring the field from a backup :flushed:

The other problem was that avatars were not displayed to the left of topics in mobile view, this turned out to be a bug in the events plugin.


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