How to restrict access of non-members

I’m trying to configure a restricted membership Discourse instance to allow observers to observe but not otherwise interact with the forum. This seems basic but I cannot find the correct settings. I want a potential member to be able to observe the forum but not to be able to interact with members, send emails, or download anything. Is this possible?

There are ways in doing this and would require a few settings to be changed.

What is a non-member? is it someone that has not signed up for the forum or someone that has signed up for the forum, but have not “paid” their membership fee?


@IAmGav thanks for the reply. My forum is restricted to invited member accounts so a non-member is someone who might be observing and may want to ask for an invitation. A non-member may have unlimited (or limited - how?) access to observe but not otherwise interact with members, emails, downloads, etc. Sort of “look but don’t touch.”

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So these are the settings you need.

Anonymous user can read content, but can not register. neither can they DM/Email members.

The only thing you would need to specify is "How to become a member"somewhere


Hmm, thought I tried that. But thanks, I’ll give it another shot.