How to restrict courseware access to categories based on what the client bought

Hi tribe!

Let’s assume that I have a course which is made up of 10 chapters. In my Discourse based forum I have different categories, most of them correspond to the subject of a specific chapter of my course.

Right now I offer free access to my course, and also to the forum. Whoever becomes a member of the forum currently gets access to all the categories in the forum.

So far, so good.

Let’s say I want to start selling access to each chapter, meaning: I sell each chapter separately, not the whole course.

Is there a way to restrict access to the categories in the forum based on which chapter the person has bought access to? I guess that if it works it has to do with other technology (mainly the payment processing tech) that needs to be connected with my forum so that this works properly.

I see that in Seth Godin’s forum (“This is Marketing”), so, technically it should be feasible.


You can search here for examples of doing this with woocommerce and paid memberships plus. It may also be possible with procourse memberships.

If you’re not comfortable with customizing your functions.php you can ask for help in #marketplace.