How to restrict tagging

(Drew) #1

So it looks like the tagging plugin and I assume, by extension, the integrated tagging supports “[restricting] who can tag to a particular trust level”, but I’m not seeing a way to restrict the creation of tags to a specific trust level anywhere. It’d be great if like on StackExchange, the creation of tags was restricted to certain permission levels. A good default imo is Regular since those users participate actively enough in the forum to know when it’s a good idea to add a tag, but of course, site admins should be able to configure this if they wish.

If you want a good reason for restricting tag creation to higher-level users, here’s a snapshot from the Discourse forum I regularly use:

We have some pretty irking tags like “resyncs_polls” (Resyncable is a user who creates spammy polls), “died”, “iamanidiot”, “massive_horde”, “helpplz”, “gksw” (someone created a tag for a member?), “beware”, etc. Needless to say, it’s become very apparent that most of the people on our forum should not have access to the privilege of creating tags.

Tagging support is now part of Discourse
(cpradio) #2

There is a site setting min trust to create tag, you can set it to TL 4, which must be manually promoted to and update all admins/staff to be TL 4

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

Also, as of mid-January, TL4 is the min trust to create tag default value, and TL3 is the default for tag usage.