How to set up so that only admin or moderators can add tags?

How to Prohibit ordinary users from adding tags

I believe the setting you want is admin-settings: min trust to create tag :slight_smile:



Mine is an internal forum with labels set by the administrator.

If there is no corresponding label, you can choose another one

Maybe misunderstanding what your asking.

As @Lilly said there is a site setting. I have mine set to Staff


hmmm sounds like you are talking about something different than tags. Can you provide a screenshot or more information regarding what you mean?

The default trust level to create tags is Trust_level_3. But it sounds like perhaps you are referring to some other “labels”. There may be a translation issue here.

There’s also min trust level to tag topics just in case that’s relevant.


Oh that could be it. Perhaps he means simply tagging as in adding a tag when posting a topic, as opposed to creating a tag.


HI, Lilly, users can only select tags and are not provided with creation. Only administrators can create new tags.


Ah, do you mean how to make certain tags only available to be used by admin or moderators?

If so, you can add them to tag groups and set permission via those:


Thank you guys, I have solved the problem.

min trust level to tag topics. Select administrator

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