Users are not able to create Tags

(Dexter MacCulin) #1


i activated Tags for users in topic but the users are not able to create tags only they can select the ones the admins created, what i can do in this case.??


(Daniela) #2

By default only TL3 (or more) can create tags.
To change this setting search for min trust to create tag in your admin panel.

(Dexter MacCulin) #3

:hugs::hugs::hugs: you guys are awesome… Thanks A lot.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Per @robmc there is some UI work we should do here

There’s a possible confusion created here by the fact that users below the default minimum trust level still see search or create even though they may not be able to create the tag yet.

Is this something that might be configured so the text only says “or create” if they have the necessary privileges?