How to retrieve users information / details and store them in variables to integrate with a 3rd party app?


We currently have our discourse site -

At the moment we are hoping to integrate a 3rd party app called Appcues. Appcues allows us to create prompts to users on ReachBack to, for example to complete their profile.

In my case, I need to retrieve user details (e.g name, last_emailed_at etc) from ReachBack, and create segements within Appcues.

I have seen using /admin/users.json, I can view the details of all the users on Reachback, but I need to store them in something like this

This is within the Head section of ReachBack:

My question is, how can I store or retrieve those details from /admin/users.json and place them in the Appcues identifier ?

Thank you

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