How to search/filter PMs based on tags?

Tagging PMs are valuablel so, as support messages come in, I can tag them by type (e.g. priority, product line, etc.), but I seem to have hit a wall on finding out how to search or filter PMs based on tags.

Any suggestions?

You can add in:messages or in:all to your tag search and that should bring them up. eg #invites in:messages :+1:

I think there may be a couple of other search filters you may find useful depending on exactly which inbox/group inbox they in eg. in:personal and group_messages:GROUPNAME

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Okay that works—and works great for me, but: I’m now reaching a level of growth in our Discourse platform usage that other organizations in my company want to make use of the platform, and they’re going to need an easier search function for tags (just like you’d have when searching public categories where you have a drop-down for tags). I’ll share the use case:

Our customer success organization is looking for a way to handle incoming requests from entry-level customers that don’t have dedicated CSMs. While talking to them, I quickly realized that Discourse could help them solve their probablem in a scalable, manageable way.

  • Emails coming in to go to a PM inbox
  • Messages are tagged by request type
  • Discourse Assign to assign CSMs round-robin style to handle customer concerns

In this scenario, a CSM (who won’t be very technical whatsoever) would really need the ability to sort the inbox (or even their assigned queue) by tag type to quickly find what they’re looking for.

I suppose I could get them to consider having these customers post directly in the public community, and they could still assign themselves to public topics…but there will likely still be customers with private/sensitive questions that would need to be answered.

Suggestions of course welcome!

There’s an extra menu option in the inbox dropdown that can filter the inbox topics by tag, which may be what you’re looking for?


And just in case you’ve not found it yet, PM tags are only visible to certain groups - but you can set that using pm tags allowed for groups.

With the new changes to the sidebar, it may also be possible to create custom links in there for each person as well, though I may need to experiment with that a bit. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I didn’t even see that on my instance, must be a UI bug for our site:

I’ll submit a bug request for my UI. That’s perfect :slight_smile:

Yes, I found that in another post earlier today (I think also by you). That was very helpful!

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I’ve also just had a test with the sidebar ‘custom section’ and it seems like you should be able to create direct links in there to PM tag lists as well, which could be pretty useful depending on how things are set up/how many ‘top tags’ you need each person to have a quick link to:

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Can you choose which user groups see which default tags in the sidebar? e.g. only users in the “Customer Success” user group will see certain tags in the sidebar?

It would be set up per person, so it would be completely individual. :+1: Though I think you would either have to get each person to set it up themselves, or impersonate each and set it up for them. I don’t think there’s currently an ‘admin override’ where you can do it from your central account like you get with user preferences, etc.

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If there’s an API call happening for it behind the scenes, my team can just as easily automate it too.

Cool, thanks @JammyDodger. I’m excited to show this to a new internal team and get more teams utilizing the platform.

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