Tag restrictions on PM

Now that we have tags coming to PM in Discourse Version 2.0, is there any thought around adding the ability to restrict visible/usable tags in PMs? For example, we may use tags in group inboxes to denote status (open, in progress, waiting, completed). Right now we see all of the tags.

If I were to venture an ask for this as a feature, I would say either make this capability at the Global Level (one setting for all PMs OR set this at the Group Level so that different groups have their own defined tags. This would allow more meaningful workflow options and management.

This is not an ask for right away but could be a logical addition for a future release.


From another post about tags, I believe this answers your request, right? You want the concepts of PM tags and public tags to be separate when tagging?


That would be nice but I really, in the case of PMs, want to be able to dictate what tags can be used by whoever the tagger is. Since the tagger of a PM is staff it would be us. I also think that the group the PM is in (Staff, Mods, Beta Testers, Evangelists etc…) may need to be different.