How to set the default timezone for each user?

I’ve recently signed up for another Discourse site and I saw this Timezone dropdown custom field and “Use Current Timezone” button in my profile:

I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell them my timezone. Is this a standard Discourse feature? How can I enable it on my site?

Never mind, apparently this was already enabled and populated by default in the preferences page.

I must have missed it because when I created the site, I don’t think there was automatic Timezone detection. :thinking:

UPDATE: It was implemented here back in December. A bit hidden :sweat_smile:

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From what I’ve seen, this works pretty well, but I’ve noticed that a bunch of users have the wrong timezone (users fill out a custom field with their location on sign up, so I can validate that this isn’t due to VPNs or travel).

If I fix it manually, will it get overridden automatically when the user logs in again (assuming it’s not SSO) or only if the user modifies it manually? In other words, does this get updated every time a user logs in?