How to set-up Discourse with Atricore Josso CE

I have existing running Java applications say “App1” and “App2” which runs on Tomcat7 [Execution Environment] and had implemented SSO using Atricore JOSSO CE [SAML Authentication]. Now I wanted to add Discourse as the third Application.
So, how I can set-up Discourse with JOSSO.

I’m not familiar with Josso, but taking a quick look at their website (JOSSO)

Example Identity Capabilities include SAML2, OpenID Connect, Integrated Windows Authentication, MFA to name a few.

I think the best solution for Discourse is to get the OpenID Connect IAM Capability set up on Josso, and then configure it with the Discourse OpenID Connect plugin


Thanks David, for quick reply. I will try to set-up using OpenID Provider.