How to set up the picture of badge (Grant a badge to individual users manually)

We follow the info on

and whant to set us a picture as badge

by input in image url like

or short one uploads/default/original/1X/bc4ae4444b90aabe97ff09c4bef306f84653f301.png

both are not giving the badge PICTURE in badge page (although the badge is granted)

thanks is advance

That is because the URL you linked to is returning a 404, plus it has an .ico extension which likely won’t work.


no, the link was example link.
the real is
and it has no ico extention.

Are you updating both the icon and image fields with the URL?

The icon is used on the Badges page, the image is only used on the user’s User Card (IIRC)

We set up the picture as badge. the image in not visible in user badge in user card then (inside the box).

You need to do the icon too, the field above the one you already filled out. The icon is what is used for the Badges page, the image is only used on the User Card


It worked. Thank you very much

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