Award a badge to a set of users

Badges are an excellent way to acknowledge someone who is doing a good job. Discourse now allows awarding a badge to a set of users.

If you go to the badges section in the admin panel, you’ll notice that a new button called “Bulk Award” is now available next to the “new” button:

After clicking it, you’ll be prompted to select a badge and get started:

Select the badge you want to award and upload a CSV file containing a list of user emails (one per line)

Then you’ll be prompted with this message:

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.39.25

Discourse will find matching email users, award them the badge, and send them a notification.


This is cool.

I propose changing this language to “awarding a badge to a set of users”, as group has a specific meaning in Discourse and a bunch of random email addresses in a CSV isn’t it :wink:.


Very nice, This will be useful :slight_smile:


Awww Yiss, that’s very handy. Thanks :slight_smile:.


This is great, thanks for the feature :slight_smile:


Selecting them from a user list could be easier if possible. Good feature anyway.

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Yes that’s my ideal idea. :grin:

Just press on users you want to award too.

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Sorry, but I’m not 100% clear on this. Terminology I’m familiar with is:

enclosure, delimiter (the separator) and terminator

enclosure is often quotation marks
delimiter is often a comma
terminator is often a newline


"1", "Bob", "", "CA" 
"2", "Carol", "", "CA" 
"2", "Ted", "", "FL" 

I doubt you mean 

What I meant was:,,

I edited the post.