How to Show Tags list on subcategory page

I want to show a list of tags used by a subcategory on the subcategory page.

As Parent category shows the list of its subcategories.

Is there any way I can do that?

I am interested in the same thing, and/or showing a list of tags in category directly on categories homepage.

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I found no other way for it so, I did it with javascript by manipulating dom. -

  • just get the category name, when on the category page.
  • call the API to get the category tag list.
  • and append the list above the topics.

It’s not the best practice to do it this way.

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Anyone figure this out? Would be so useful. @Yogesh_g do you have any more documentation on your solution? I’m not a developer, so I need to share with someone. Thanks!


Yes, this would be great! Or even just showing top (most used) tags along the top when you land in a sub-category (or category, for that matter).

You can create do this by manipulating the dom by jQuery
.tag list is already in dom. You just need to change the position and appearance