Tags instead of categories on homepage?

Hi all!

After several readings, I understood that it was preferable to use tag management instead of sub-sub-categories (which does not exist in discourse). Tag management would be useful to replace category management.

So, I am trying to use tags in order to simulate a sub-sub-category.

I found how to create tags and how to regroup them in the [host]/tags page

The target of what I am trying to do would look like what the did at https://experts.feverbee.com/
But I cannot find how to show tags on the home page.

Let’s say I have Category1 with tag A and Category2 with tag A also.
I would like to have “A” displayed on the home page, so that when I click on it, it would show Category1 and Category2 (simulating a sub-category level).

Can this be done with the admin page ? with some sql code (and if so, is there an interface to write it ? )…
The best page I found from discourse of tag description was this one, but I couldn’t find how all this works and can be configured.

Thanks a lot if someone has some information about it !

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I’m not exactly sure if this is what you’re looking for, but have you enabled the show filter by tag and the tagging enabled admin setting?


I tried it.
It added a box “all tags” just like “all categories”.

It’s not really that.

I would like to have on the homepage a list of “tag groups” instead of “parent level categories”.

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It is possible since these guys have done it : https://experts.feverbee.com/

Unless they went into a high customization themselves of course :slight_smile:

EDIT : found this : Custom Query on static web page
I will follow this lead…!

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FeverBee is heavily customised, yes, but only using theme components – no plugins.

I don’t actually understand what you’re trying to achieve here though.

Can you explain what you mean by ‘show tags on the homepage’?


I try to have this :

Home page

  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3

In Method 1, I have :

  • Your own experiences
  • Theory

In “Your experiences”, I have :

  • Type 1
  • Type 2

And no more. Basically, it is 3 levels of categories. Ok, I understood that it cannot be done. So, I try to use tags to do the above structure.

Idea 1 :
Have “big general tags” on the home page, so that “Method 1”, “Method 2” and “Method 3” are tags and not categories.
So, I could have 3 nice big buttons with these names. When I click on “Method 1”, I would see the top level categories “Your own experiences”, “Theory”
This is what I exposed above.

Meanwhile, I have read that it is a better practice to use tags at the fine grain level rather than at the top level. So :
Idea 2 (new, not exposed above) :
Top category = Method 1
Sub category = “Your own experiences”
Then, I have to find a way to regroup the tagged topics in “Your own experiences” to regroup them in “buttons”/sections named “Type 1”, “Type 2”, etc…

Idea 3 (not exposed above) :
Just like Idea 2, but all the topics are mixed in “Your own experiences”, and use the filter tag to search for Type 1, etc… Not nice, not user friendly, but at least it is a possible solution.

Whatever the Idea/solution, there is a transversal issue that I hit : how to put automatically a default tag on a new topic ? Example for Ideas 2 and 3 : If a user puts a topic in “Your own experiences” but does not tag “Type 1”, then, it will be a mess in the “Your own experiences” category.

I hoped I was clear :slight_smile:

Right, so assuming you make Type 1 and Type 2 tags, then that is pretty standard. What I don’t understand is what you think FeverBee are doing. They are simply using top level categories and tags.


FeverBee was towards “Idea1” : having a high level for tags. For my case, from a logic perspective, that does not stand. A high level tag cannot technically give a list of categories. So, I think Idea1 has to be discarded.

I currently have the solution of Idea3 which is working. It’s not user-friendly, but it works.

The ideal would be to achieve Idea2. When I am inside a sub-category, instead of seeing all the topics in a big “chaotic” bulk, I would like to see the tags (one line per tag, or one line per tag group, I could adapt the tag logic to both).
For this, I saw that FeverBee has a button “More” on the “Challenges” part, so it seems possible to create “buttons” to list all topics containing a specific tag. But I don’t know if it is possible to to this in the context of a sub-category.
Stated another way : I click on category “Method 1”. Then I click on sub-category “Theory”. Then, I see several buttons. Each item of this list is a tag (or tag group), named “Type 1”, “Type 2”, …
When the user click on an item of this list, he sees the list of topics containing this tag.