How to sort topics in Latest by creation date?

I was busy transforming our badly categorized Discourse forum, and I had to move topics from 3 categories into one, and also carefully pick unrelated topics from that category and distribute them into others.

When I was done, the order of topics in all my categories was a complete chaos, 2 year old topics were showing up on top, since Discourse naturally records my moving topics as “activity”. So I went and sorted each of my categories by creation date, and decided to keep them that way for about a month until a few pages of actual recent activity accumulates.

The issues is that, even though my categories look somewhat normal again, the “Latest” pane on the home page still sorts topics by activity, and the age-old posts are still at the top on there. Is there a way to fix this, maybe by sorting “Latest” by creation date? If so, how can I do that? Also for future reference, is there a healthier way to transfer posts across categories in bulk without disrupting the space-time continuum?

Did you Reset Bump Date on each affected topic? (wrench bottom left of Topic)

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Administrative Bulk Operations might suggest a way to change them at once.