How to split the topic in discourse?

Could you please direct me to any documentation that explains on how to split the topic. I tried using reply as a new topic, but it is not creating the message “SPLIT THIS TOPIC” as shown below.


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To split a topic, You select the option “Select Posts” from your admin wrench in the right side navigation menu.

Then choose Move to > New Topic


Thank you.

I just did moved the post to a new topic. But the message “SPLIT WITH TOPIC” is not added in the original post.

The notification will appear in the topic, from where the posts have been moved to another one. The same notification will not appear in the new topic.


In the new topic you will find the reference to the original topic at the end of the first post, see

Original topic

New topic:


Sure! I meant the :arrow_forward: A post was split in the... notification.

It never appeared.

Split is a different function than the linked topic where the message “Continuing the discussion from [link]” appears in the initial post.

The new split topic has no relevance or is off-topic with the original post, for this reason there is no need for a reference so evident as to add a post action indicating that the post has been split from […].


How to implement the split function so that split message is appeared on the original post ?

The split message appears where the split occurred, which can be anywhere on a topic, from the 2nd post to the last. Furthermore, in each topic there can be multiple splits, not just one. It would not make sense to make the split message appear in the original post, if by “original post” you mean the first post of a topic.

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Looks like, it is not showing the split message where the split has occurred in the original topic.

Incorrect, see the image posted like 4 posts above yours :point_up: