How to start discourse inside a linux container?


(Ingo Baab) #1

Hello Discourse Friends!
I managed to setup discourse inside a LXD/LXC and want to ask, is there a recommendation how to start the deamon process?

Is there a better ‘method’ than starting it with:

bundle exec rails s -b 2>&1 > /var/log/discourse.log

How can this be done with systemd? Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,
Ingo Baab from Germany

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

If you want to install Discourse in anything resembling a production environment, you should follow the cloud install instructions. discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Ingo Baab) #3

Thank you for this answer, Jay, but I am happy with my installation. Works fine inside Linuxcontainer… (I do not like docker at all…)

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

There are a zillion ways that you might install Discourse that can all work just fine, but only one is supported here.