How to suspend any new account automatically?

Is this possible (?) and whether it will be added to the admin settings ?

Look in system settings for “approve all users”. Maybe you want your site to be invite only?

What are you trying to do?

What is the use case? Suspension is a very nuclear action. You may want to disable registration if you don’t want to allow new users.

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There are other ways to achieve this:

1- You may setup your site to allow user with an invite code to register.
2. You may setup your site to NOT allow self registration and requires every new user to be formally invited by an administrator.

Another way is to use trust levels. By default, a newly registered user has trust level of 0. Once the user has entered 5 topics, read 30 posts and spent at least 10 minutes on the site, he or she is granted trust level 1.

You may setup categories that requires at least trust level 2 to enter or even trust level 3 or 4. The following document will give you an idea to the trust system:

Suspension is a very drastic action. It is used to punish users for bad behaviour, very bad behaviour. What you are requesting is like sending babies in jail the day of their birth. Everyone is born to be free.

My thoughts also. This is a very unwelcoming start to a new user.

See these site settings:

  • invite only

  • invite code

  • allow new registrations