How to take a forum offline temporarily


I searched in the settings but I cannot find a way to temporarily disable a forum (such as to disable it for upgrades/changes/etc.). Where would I find such an option?

I want to disable logins that are not administrators and have it show as offline should anyone attempt to sign in.


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In the backup area, press the “enable read only mode” button.


In that section I only see:

Enable read only mode while taking a backup

There doesn’t seem to be a more ‘permanent’ version. Also if read only would be the only way, can I disable logins as well?

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Got it thank you! Was looking in the Backup Settings instead.

Also, in the event I wish to disable log ins or take the forum completely offline is this possible?

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If you don’t want anyone to access it change your a record and add it to your hosts.

You can disable logins via your site settings, or re-rerun the setup wizard which will also allow you to make your site login required.

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If you want to disable it totally.

Eg with a msg like “The forum is temporary down due to maintenance”

As I need to move from server 1 (vultr) to server 2 (digitalocean)
and in that case also from url.tld to forum.url.tld

how do I do that?

I usually just put the old site in read only mode while making the transition to the new site.

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