How to Test SSO on a Running Site

I have an operating forum and now I want to switch to SSO. However, how can I test SSO on my site while developing it without flipping the enable_sso flag which will break everything until I get it Just Right?

This is probably a dumb question because I can’t find anyone asking this.

You could set up a staging site and then switch the domain name when you make the final switch.

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Got it, spin up a whole other discourse site? I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an easier approach. (Though you guys make it easy). Thanks!

I think that most people live on the edge and do it in the live site. It’s not that hard to keep a window open where you can turn off and on the SSO for quick tests.

It just depends on how paranoid or concerned about confusing users you are (or how unhappy users will be if stuff is broken for a few minutes).


Liked “live on the edge”.


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