Some users can't log onto test site

We have a stable production site at I created a test site at I can log in, using my production site credentials, but others cannot. How can I debug this?

My process for creating the test site was:

  • Create server from AMI (I’m on AWS)
  • Backup from production, restore to test site
  • SiteSetting.enable_sso = false
  • SiteSetting.enable_local_logins = true
  • Rebuild
  • Disable outgoing email

Do those users have local login passwords? It’s entirely possible they don’t have anything set up locally if SSO is used on the main site and was used to create these accounts. They may need reset from the CLI as you have email disabled so they can’t reset the normal way.


Sounds promising. Like this?

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
u = User.find_by_email('')

ctrl+d to exit

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